As an active employee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a member of AFSCME Council 13, you are eligible to participate in the following voluntary benefits. These benefits are available through the convenience of payroll deduction and are portable in the event that you leave your employment. 

·         Accident Insurance - helps pay for unexpected healthcare expenses due to accidents that occur every day. It provides 24-hour coverage (on and off the job). Benefits are paid to you regardless of any other coverage you have.

·         Universal Life Insurance - helps to provide your family with financial security. You select the death benefit and cash value components that fit your financial goals. You may decrease, skip or even stop your premium payments as long as enough cash value exists to cover the cost of protection.

·         Disability Insurance Ė Your most important asset is your ability to earn a living. What would happen if that were taken away suddenly because of an unexpected illness or injury? Disability insurance goes to work when you canít by providing monthly income benefits tailored to your financial needs.

·         Critical Illness Insurance - provides a cash benefit upon first diagnosis of a covered critical illness or condition (as defined in the policy). The benefit can be used any way you and your family need and the elected amount is paid in full even if treatment costs are less than the benefit.

The above programs are offered through Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions and are administered by BBS Benefit Solutions.

For more information, contact us by phone or e-mail (please be sure to provide your name, contact information, and the town you work in):

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